Owl Cleaners

With our great laundry options, we will give you some precious time back to your day!

À la carte

$2.69 per lb

10 lb min.



By Tote

$41.99 per tote

A $52.49 value

Less than $2.09/lb



$135.99 per month

1 tote per week

2 totes/wk @ $155.99

Savings of over $1000 vs à la carte
Less than $1.56/lb

How does it work?

1) Just let us know which option you are interested in and we'll get a tote to you – text (724) 302-3248 or email office@owlcleaners.com.
2) Fill the tote up with wash, dry, fold items and leave outside on your arranged pick up day.
3) We clean and refresh your clothes, dry them with dryer sheets and deliver them folded and ready to wear.

Which option is right for me?

Individuals typically use 30 lbs per month – approximately 2 or 3 washing machine loads per person per month. Our totes typically hold 15- 25 lbs. A family of four may need our $155.99/mo option which gives you 2 totes per week.

Are there specialty upgrades?

Yes. Fragrance-free and hypoallergenic detergent is available for an extra $3.00 per tote.

What if I want to stop the monthly subscription?

No problem just let us know prior to the renewal date and return any totes – (a $9.00 charge may be applied for non returned totes).

What happens if I exceed the capacity of the individual tote?

We have to charge our normal à la carte price at $2.69 per lb for an overflowing bag that can’t be "shut". If you need 2 totes per week then we recommend our $155.99 monthly plan.

What if I put dry clean-able or specialty items including those that can't be machine washed and/or machine dried?

No problem. We will have to remove each item, clean and press as a normal dry clean/over the counter garment, and then charge each item individually to your account.