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The Power of Google: How Catherine Martin Found Owl Cleaners To Preserve Her Wedding Memories

Like a single photo, a wedding gown can say a thousand words. From the moment a bride first tries on ‘the one’ to the second she says, ‘I do,’ the gown becomes as much of a part of the moment as the woman wearing it. After all, “an investment well spent deserves as much time and attention as the day I said yes to the dress.”

The previous sentence is a quote from spring ’22 bride Catherine Martin, who, after her wedding, knew she wanted to preserve the special day forever but was unsure what that process looked like. Even when shopping for and picking out her gown, she did not have the preservation process or budget on her mind.

“This may sound odd, but I really didn’t think of the dress preservation process until after my wedding, and I didn’t know where to start,” Catherine told us. “I knew you could get your dress stored in a nice little box and have it forever, but the question was, how?”

The answer to her question? She took to Google to learn more about the gown preservation process and found Premier Bridal at Owl Cleaners in her search. After going to the Warrendale facility and meeting Heather, the two realized they had a mutual connection, who turned out to be the bride’s brother, and the relationship blossomed from there.

Heather guided Catherine through the entire process of her preservation with updates, emails, and photos, as she does with every bride. For Catherine, the attention to detail made a huge difference throughout her experience, and it was “like fate” that she was able to connect with Heather.

“I think the preservation part is just as important as the actual purchase of anything for your wedding. I’m so happy I did it.”

Now that Catherine has picked up her preserved gown to remember her happily ever after, she has some advice for future brides: “The day a bride purchases her dress, she needs to think about what she will do with it after the wedding. No matter the cost of the dress, it’s an investment!”

You can read Catherine’s fantastic, full review on The Knot and look through photos from her wedding below. For more information on Owl’s gown preservation process, please email Heather directly at heather@owlcleaners.com or 724-272-0324.

You can also stay updated on our wedding gown preservation stories and more through our Instagram, @owlpremierandbridal.

Photos by: Hannah Barlow | Hannah Barlow Photography | www.hannahbarlowphotography.com | @hannahbarlowphotography