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Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue: The Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing A Vintage Wedding Gown

Every couple has a plethora of stories. Whether it’s the tale of how they first met, their first date, or their engagement, a lot of history and love is wrapped up in your wedding day. Just like the couple themselves, sometimes, the outfits contain just as much history and significance. For some brides, like Nyomin Buhler, her story involves a 75-year-old wedding gown.

Belonging to her grandmother, Nina ‘Jule’ Buhler originally wore the gown on her wedding day on June 5, 1949, in New York City. Nina purchased the dress from Lord & Taylor, and while she was shopping that day, she ran into First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, who was shopping at the same boutique.

“My Grandmother gave it to me when I was a teenager,” Nyomin tells us. “I love it because it is classic and timeless. Luckily, it fit perfectly for my own wedding!”

Nyomin connected with Owl Cleaners via Burgh Brides, with whom Owl has had a long-term partnership. We were able to press and finish her Grandmother’s gown before the wedding.

“After looking at reviews and researching, I knew that my unique dresses would be in the best hands. Heather was accommodating through every step of the process.”

In addition to the one-of-a-kind vintage gown, Nyomin also chose a simple tea-length gown from Azazie for the reception. We cleaned and pressed both gowns before her wedding day, and we preserved both for her to enjoy after the wedding.

We love that Nyomin had such a great experience with Heather and the rest of our bridal team and that she has great advice for brides who are both shopping for a new gown and considering wearing a vintage dress.

For the ‘something new,’ Nyomin recommends shopping early: “For new dresses, shop early and see what you like! Think about what activities will be happening at the reception. I chose tea-length because there was a lot of dancing and performing with our band at the reception. Whatever you choose, make it your own and feel beautiful!”

“Owl Cleaners did a beautiful job pressing my 75-year-old wedding gown. Heather discussed what would be best for the fabric & was very helpful through every step. I had both my wedding dresses cleaned & preserved & it was done professionally. You can trust them with your items!” – Nyomin B.

For the ‘something borrowed,’ Nyomin talks about trust and care: “For those brides who have vintage dresses, do your research and find someone you can trust to care for your gown. Owl Bridal and Heather helped me understand the unique fabric and the best process for pressing, cleaning, and preserving the dress.”

As for whether or not Nyomin recommends gown preservation after your wedding, she learned from her grandmother’s care: “After the wedding, seriously consider preservation. My Grandmother chose to preserve hers, allowing me to wear the dress 74 years later. It is a beautiful and special item to pass on.”

Whether you’re newly engaged or are in the midst of your wedding gown shopping, consider all the options you may have regarding purchasing something new or repurposing something borrowed. Either way, the Owl Premier & Bridal bridal experts are always there to assist in your decision-making.

For more information on Owl’s gown preservation process, please email Heather directly at heather@owlcleaners.com or 724-272-0324.