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From ‘I Do,’ to A Second Home: A Bride’s Journey with Bridal Consignment

When Emily Pryor and her husband embarked on her wedding planning journey while expecting their first child, she knew one thing: she wanted to turn her love of thrifting and buying second-hand into finding her wedding gown. Not only would this be ideal for finding the perfect gown for her wedding day, but it would also be a choice that would help the couple stick to their wedding budget. After making an appointment at Bridal Maven, a local second-hand bridal consignment shop, Emily found the perfect gown; after trying on several gowns, she returned to the first one she tried on!

As seamless as the process was up until Emily’s wedding day (and let’s take a moment for how stunning she looked in her wedding photos!), the couple ran into just one problem after their wedding: her husband ripping the back of her gown in the heat of the moment.

“I knew I would sell the dress back to Bridal Maven for some extra money after my wedding. What I didn’t anticipate was the damage my husband would inadvertently cause to it!”

This is the moment where our very own bridal expert, Heather Ziccarelli, comes in. Well, the second moment: in Emily’s early planning wedding days, she had found Owl Cleaners via a Google search in hopes of getting her mother and grandmother’s dress altered for the wedding. Instead, Heather suggested using the gown for her veil. After rehearing of Owl’s services in one of the bridal Facebook groups, Emily reached back out for cleaning and restoring services before reselling the gown.

“My expectations of working with Heather were exceeded. She restored my wedding gown to its original glory. Her seamstress was able to repair a hole in the back of my dress, thanks to my husband, and made it look like angel wings! They were my angels.”

The gown is now ready to be resold for another bride to fall in love with and say ‘I do’ once again.

We love hearing a bride’s advice for future brides, and Emily’s sentiments are no exception. Though she notes that every bride is different, there is no right or wrong choice when preserving your gown and holding onto it, or choosing the reselling avenue. Plus, she was so happy to have a sentimental piece of her mother and grandmother’s dress with her on her wedding day.

“My advice would be if you aren’t attached to your dress, consign it! It’s a great way to make extra money back after arguably the most expensive day of your life!”

Whether you’re also in the market to resell your wedding gown or want to get it restored, call Heather at Owl Premier & Bridal today to learn more about how you can benefit from our services!

Photos by: Carly | Wild North Weddings | @wildnorthweddings