Owl Cleaners


A single phone call saves you two trips to the cleaner. Call (724) 933-7120 (option 2), and we will take all of the necessary information to get you started right over the phone. You tell us where you would like us to provide the service- home or office -and we will schedule your location on our bi-weekly pickup and delivery runs.

Depending on where you are located, your regular bi-weekly pickup and delivery days will be either Monday & Thursday, or Tuesday & Friday.

No advance planning or phone call is necessary. We provide you with a pickup bag and door hanger, and you simply hang your clothes bag out on your front door for our driver to see as he checks your location. (If your front door is not a suitable location, we willl make arrangements to check a location- e.g. your garage, back porch, inside your office reception area, etc.- that works better for you.) If you don’t have any soiled garments on that particular day, you simply won’t hang the clothing bag on your door, and our driver will move on the home of the next client.

On the next scheduled pickup & deliver day. For example, if we pick your clothes up on Monday, they will be cleaned and returned to you on Thursday.

When you initially sign-up for the service, you’ll select a payment method- either a monthly billing (paid by check or credit card), or payment by credit card as you go.

You pay the same amount as our over-the counter customers. Unlike some other cleaners, there is no additional charge for the service- pickup & delivery is FREE. We do ask that you include a minimum of 5 shirts for laundering (or at least 1 garment for drycleaning with less than 5 shirts) with each pickup order, or there may be a small additional fee.

Currently our service runs to homes and offices in Bradford Woods, Cranberry, Diamond Run, Franklin Park, Gibsonia, Seven Fields, Sewickley, Thorn Hill Industrial Park, Warrendale and Wexford. If there is any question about whether the service is available in your community, please don’t hesitate to call.

Actually, we provide you with a (double-copy) receipt book when you initially signup for the service. That way, you simply make a note of the garments you are sending, and include one copy in the pickup bag, and keep the other for your records.

We are committed to customer service and satisfaction. The Pickup & Delivery Manager, is available for your call at (724) 931-7120 (office) or (724) 553-2455 (cell). He will work personally with you to answer your question or find a remedy for your concern.