Owl Cleaners

What is Dress for Success Pittsburgh?

A nonprofit organization providing women with professional, business casual or industry specific clothing.

Job Search + Interviewing

Court Appearance + Other Life Changes

Employment + Job Training

What is EmpowerWear?

A powerful collaboration aimed at empowering women, supporting local communities, and promoting environmental sustainability.

How to Get Involved

You’ll receive an EmpowerWear garment bag on your scheduled delivery day from Owl Cleaners to add any donations consisting of gently used women’s professional and casual attire.

You’ll receive a reminder text and email to have your donations ready the day before Owl Cleaners picks up your items.

Owl Cleaners will pick up your EmpowerWear garment bag containing your donations on your scheduled day. You will receive both a printed and emailed copy of a charitable receipt for your records.

*If you are not interested in participating in the program, simply return the bag empty or let Owl Cleaners know that you won’t be donating this time.